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Decorative Commercial
Resin Floors

There are two ways of applying decorative resin floors. The first and the most popular is the mix of resin colors applied by special techniques in order to create different effects. Another decorative commercial floor we do is the 3D Resin Floor.

The Multicolor Resin Floors are made of molded epoxy or polyurethane resins. Interior designers around the world have introduced this type of resin floors in many commercial and retail units, in offices and workshops, often replacing tiles, natural stone or marble. Every design is unique and it is difficult to copy it, therefore the variety of processing options enables to adapt the floor to your personal preferences and business style.

Multicolor Resin Floor is very unique in its functions and characteristics. With this kind of floor you can carry out your most brave floor design ideas. There is no other flooring product on the market that could achieve what it can be done with the resin range of products and colors. Some of the effects created by mixing different resin colors are: the flame effect, the concrete look, flame effect with flakes which are especially suitable for night clubs, restaurants and boutiques.


We currently have more than 150 RAL colors available to create decorative resin floor designs at the highest standards. Please check the RAL Color Chart here.

3D Resin Floor System is considered to be a novelty for the UK interior design world. However it is widely applied in countries like Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Canada and USA. The 3D flooring represents another stage in modern design, belonging specifically to the 21st century, therefore you won’t see many businesses around having these unique designs on their floors.

Our designers can create any 3D floor design for your interior. The special 3D technology of creating an electronic picture allows us to offer the illusion of three-dimensionality of an image which is mainly visible when you look at the floor from a certain angle. It can be a combination of 3D walls that continue on the floor, or your company’s logo in the head office lobby where your clients can admire it, or a 3D design which would match your furniture. Another option is to choose one our 3D pictures which have been already created here. For more 3D Templates, please contact our office.

The 3D Resin Flooring is at the beginning of the commercial flooring market domination. However, at present only the most informed and the bravest retailers and businesses are choosing to have a unique 3D design on their floors. Why not be a pioneer and install a 3D floor in your commercial premises?

sample commercial resin floor in office

Why choose Decorative Commercial Resin Floors?

  • First of all, by installing a decorative resin floor, you offer a unique unforgettable experience to your clients. The wide range of designs will definitely impress anyone with their bright colors.
  • Logos and patterns are incorporated into the floor finish.
  • The resin floors are very strong; their lifetime can reach dozens of years.
  • Resistant to mechanical impacts and chemical loads.
  • The floors have a decreased dust level and facilitate the cleaning.
  • The floor is seamless and impermeable to liquids
  • It is cigarette burn resistant.
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Can be provided with an anti slip layer.

Where can you apply a Commercial Decorative Resin Floor System?

The Decorative Resin Floors are ideal for floors that are exposed to light and medium loads, for example for therapy rooms, beauty salons, showrooms. The decorations will add a specific personality to your business brand.

Decorative Resin Floors are used in offices, shopping and entertainment centers. They are especially suitable for kindergartens and schools, for example for corridors, sanitary rooms and playrooms. 

If you are looking to create an impressive unique ambient that will add value to your brand and your business activities then the decorative floors are the perfect solution. And whatever design would you choose, it will definitely offer your clients or guests an unforgettable experience.

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