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Plain Color Commercial
Resin Floors

3D Royal Floors offers two plain color resin floor systems for commercial flooring projects: one is the self-levelling resin floor system and the second is the coated resin flooring.

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Self-Levelling Resin Floor System

The self-levelling resin floor system is the most popular system for commercial projects. The reason being is that these floors are very smooth, have a mirror effect and give a specific warm feel underfoot. The polyurethane self-levelling resin floors are mainly applied in retail units to give a glamorous effect to the interior. In order to add value to the interior design many retailers choose to match some elements on the walls in the same color resin finish.

The epoxy self-levelling floor has no flexibility; it is very strong and hard wearing. It is more suitable for corridors in shopping center hallways, schools, hospitals, clubs, restaurants and places where a heavy duty and in the same time, an aesthetically pleasant floor is required.

Both types of self-levelling resin floors can be decorated with flakes that are strewn on top of the wet resin. The flakes are available in 190 colors, plus you can choose from the range of glittery flakes which gives your floor a glamorous glittery gold or silver look.The finish of the floor can be high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, satin and mat.


Coated Resin Flooring System

Coated resin flooring system

The coated resin flooring is mostly suitable for commercial kitchens, staff rooms, plant rooms or hallways. This system is hard wearing; it is less aesthetic than the self-leveling resin floors, but at the same time it is more cost effective. It is often applied in conjunction with perimeter covings and fall to drainage systems.

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