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Resin flooring has many benefits and offers advantages unobtainable via any other flooring materials manufactured. It’s durable, tough and can take the wear and tear of years of use in the most active and environments that impact most flooring options heavily damaging the surface making it unsafe especially in a working environment.

Tough and Durable

Incomparable to any other type of flooring “Resin Flooring” is created through chemical bonding that is even more durable and provides a more solid foundation than concrete. Bonding is layered providing extra strength that is continuous and will outlast any other flooring option available on the market today.


Suitable For All Applications

Resin Flooring can withstand immense weight pressure, impacts and thermal shock. A busy warehouse requires tough flooring, and this is where resin flooring comes in to its own as it prevents damage that could lead to accidents and injury to employees. For most, resin is used as a layer over concrete which prevents cracks and ongoing repairs that could cost companies thousands over a period of years.


Chemical Resistance

There are a wide variety of flooring options available, unfortunately most are not designed to withstand contact with chemicals or hazardous substances which permanently leave damage that can only be rectified through a complete flooring replacement. However, resin flooring is resistant to spillage and this is largely because it is in itself made from chemicals specifically formulated for use in places such as laboratories and factories that deal with all kinds of chemicals imported and exported worldwide for industrial applications.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Due to the way resin flooring is produced the designs can include many different types of textures, colours and styles. If you would like a professional look for your office or just a space in your home resin flooring can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. After all, no matter the application, if the floor is unpleasing in appearance it can have a negative effect on any space – we ensure that your floor is beautiful in design as well as practical in use.

Health and Safety

Safety first, resin floors come with a specially installed anti-slip layer. Slips and falls can cause injury and even law suits in a working environment. Choose Resin flooring as preventative action to protect yourself and others from injury and potential costly pay-outs.



Last but not least resin flooring is the most hygienic flooring option you can buy on the market. Due to the stain resistant surface any spills can simply be wiped off without any liquids soaking in and causing a long term problem and unsightly mess. The flooring is also non-sticky.


Make the right choice and choose resin flooring.

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