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3D Royal Floors create and install unique floors that affect you. This is because of the quality, the understanding of your needs, the different interior styles and the many resin systems combined to create unduplicated floor designs for your project.

All the designs are created to suit your imagination and to offer the best experience you can have.3D Royal Floors specialists give you the opportunity to convert your individual needs into your own special flooring concept.

At 3D Royal Floors wecombine different colours and shades to create inimitable designs directly on the floor.
We pour Unicolour resins in different shades and lines, to give your interior individuality.
The flake system is used for creating logos and glittery effect floors. The 3D metallic pigments are used for producing the most fascinating designs, reminding the natural stone, waves, or even multi-dimensional colour hues. We can get a stunning glittery floor with our clear epoxy and very fine glitters poured all over the floor. Pictures cannot describe the glamorous translucent bright effect of the glittery floors.

We are also proud to offer our clients the opportunity of experiencing the 3D epoxy flooring in their house. The 3D floors are truly superb. These epoxy floors will offer your friends and guests an unforgettable experience.

The Bespoke floors are created and installed directly on your floor. The final result depends on the installation technique applied for each type of system.
Before starting the installation of a new Bespoke floor, we always create samples for our clients. This allows you to decide in advance whether your floor design will suit the desired interior.


  • Unique Customised Designs.
  • Seamless.
  • Gloss, Satin or Matt Surface.
  • Abrasion Resistant.
  • Durable and Hardwearing.
  • Wide range of Colours and Designs
  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean.
  • Suitable for Commercial and Residential Projects.