Our commercial resin floors are the most versatile and unique floor finishes on the flooring market. The poured resin floor is regarded as the best product you can use when carrying out your most brazen floor design ideas.

At 3D Royal Floors we install a huge range of commercial resin systems, depending on the type of project, floor requirements and foot traffic, design and existing substrate. From non-slip factory flooring to the aesthetic beauty of seamless flooring we offer tailored solutions to fit the demands of any industrial or commercial environment

The luxury resin finishes, like

  • Unicolours
  • Plain with Flakes
  • Concrete Look
  • Gloss Flake systems
  • 3D Metallic Pigments
  • 3D Epoxy Floors, or
  • Bespoke Designs

are suitable for the following commercial environments:

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Clubs/Restaurants
  • Hotels/Receptions
  • Hospitals/Therapy Rooms/Private Clinics
  • Gym/Sport Centres

The decorative commercial resin systems are used to add a luxurious feel to any environment, along with the comfort of ease to clean, durability and scratch resistance.



3D Royal Floors offers durable slip resistant solutions for commercial kitchens or workshops. The high foot traffic with occasional cars or trolleys traffic areas require specific hard-wearing resin systems.

The most popular systems are..

Self Smoothing Epoxy System at 3mm Thickness

The epoxy flooring has no flexibility; it is very strong and hard wearing. It is more suitable for corridors in shopping centre hallways, schools, night clubs, restaurants and places where a heavy duty and, at the same time, an aesthetically pleasant floor is required.


High Build Epoxy Coating

The hard wearing epoxy coating is one of the most popular systems used in warehouses, car parks, car workshops, and other areas where medium and high mechanical load is required. It is only up to 500 microns nominal, therefore the epoxy system is also used for sealing existing concrete or screed substrates. It comes in a wide range of colours having a gloss or matt finish.

We offer an individual approach to every project providing endless colours and designs carefully tailored to the different interior styles.
High gloss, matt and mirror effects alternate and give your floor a truly chic look.