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Flake and Quartz resin flooring systems are hard wearing, scratch resistant and decorative floor finishes. These 3D resin floors are perfect for public places like supermarkets, restaurants, commercial kitchens, or for private garages.

This resin flooring system is made up of colour stable flakes or quartz mixed with matt MMA binder or gloss clear epoxy resin.

The Gloss Flake System will give your floor a luxury gloss metallic finish when used with metallic flakes. It comes in a creative range of colours which provides an eye catching effect under the direct lights of the room. The system is seamless, strong, impact and wear resistant and very easy to clean despite the fact that it has a textured finish. The Gloss Flake System is suitable for beauty salons, therapy rooms, retail, cinemas, receptions and any interior public premises where a scratch resistant and a beautiful floor is required.

Flake system

MMA Flake System

The MMA Flake System is the best flooring solution when it comes to delivering a fast track installation for a busy commercial area. This flooring system is seamless, decorative, durable and can be installed in up to 24 hours. Choosing the MMA Flake flooring solution will transform your environment over the night.

  • Fast Curing Flooring Solution
  • Decorative – comes in a wide range of colours. RAL colours could also be matched.
  • Seamless – this provides your premises a highly hygienic finish.
  • Durable – the system is 3-4 mm nominal, providing a hard wearing floor finish.
  • UV stable under the direct light of the sun.
  • Resistant to hot water.
  • Resistant to multiple chemicals.
  • Easy to clean.

MMA Quartz System

The Quartz Systems are mainly known as hard wearing slip resistant floor finishes suitable for high traffic or heavy loading areas. The MMA Quartz System is created with decorative coloured quartz providing a beautiful and durable finish.

  • Fast Cure – ready to walk on within 2 hours after installation
  • Attractive – available in a wide range of colours
  • Seamless
  • Slip resistant
  • Hard Wearing
  • UV stable
  • Resistant to chemicals and hot water.

The MMA Quartz flooring system is ideal for: commercial kitchens, canteens, bars, busy commercial spaces, retail and supermarkets, leisure centres, changing rooms, automotive workshops and factory production premises.

quartz flooring

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