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3D-metallic flooring kitchen



If you are looking for an alternative to wallpaper, paint and tiling in your home, then why not consider MicroCement for your walls and resin for the floors.

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pearl mettalic flooring

Forget thick coatings, both MicroCement and resin can be applied at a depth of fewer than five millimetres and can go straight onto other surfaces. MicroCement on the walls provides a totally washable finish which is resistant to scratches and abrasions making it ideal for a hard-working family home. It is also waterproof so a really interesting alternative to tiles in shower rooms, bathrooms and wet rooms.

For the floor, resin is endlessly practical yet very stylish. It is easy to keep clean and very hygienic, warm to the touch yet tough and durable resisting marks and wear from pets and children. The smooth finish and lack of joints creates a seamless and flowing effect between rooms and works beautifully for open plan modern living.

MicroCement and resin offer a range of finishes, textures and colours so there is no compromise on decorative style. These materials can create either an urban modernist look for a contemporary interior with a concrete style finish or, something more textured and artisan, great for older properties or where an ageing effect is desired. The effect is flawless and provides a real touch of luxury for your interior. The MicroCement is applied by hand allowing a bespoke finish that will be unique to any room in your home.

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