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Before installing a seamless resin floor, we require a new, smooth, soundly fixed and crack free floor substrate for new floors. Old substrates require a special treatment, therefore advise can be provided during the flooring survey. When having an old sub-floor, we prefer to undertake the substrate preparation.

Resin floor system for residential projects can be 2.5 – 6 mm nominal. The standard thickness for poured resin floors is 3 mm.

On industrial projects the resin flooring systems can have nominal 0.5 mm to 9 mm.

Most 3D Royal Floors resin systems are highly UV stable.

Resin Flooring installation time varies between 2-5 days, depending on the resin system. Standard UniColour resin floor installation takes up to 5 days. 

Fast cure resin flooring systems, mainly suitable for commercial and industrial units, can be installed within 12 hours.

3D Flooring Design can be updated to the size of your floor in up to 2 days.

Check our 3D Designs HERE.

Once the 3D flooring design is created and updated as required, it takes up to 2 weeks to print and deliver the 3D graphic print to an UK address.

Curing periods are different for different resin flooring systems.

Standard seamless resins for residential use will cure as follows:

  • 24 hours for foot traffic
  • 36 hours light wheeled loading
  • 48 hours moderate wheeled vehicles and application of floor protection
  • 72 hours heavy wheeled vehicles
  • 168 hours water and chemical spillages

Curing periods based on a minimum constant temperature of 15 degrees centigrade.

Fast cure resin floor systems can receive foot traffic within 2 hours after installation.*

We advise to apply craft paper and Correx boards on a tack free surface, normally 24-48 hours after resin floor installation.

Yes, resin finish can be applied to stairs. Prior to the application, each stair must be fitted with metal trim or wooden baton as a stair front nosing. The stairs must be treated before the poured resin is applied. You can ask your builder to perform the preparation, or we can help with this.

Our poured resin floors are perfectly suitable to be installed on top of under floor heating systems. The floor will maximum reach 28-30 degrees, which does not affect the resin. However, care must be taken with normal central heating systems with radiators where water in the pipes can reach 90 degrees. A thick screed or concrete slab is recommended on top of UFH systems.

Resin floors can have patch repairs, however, for a perfect finish a top coat all over the floor is recommended.

It is perfect for shower rooms. A clear anti slip sealer with a fine aggregate is applied as a top coat.

Suitable substrates for poured resin floors are: concrete, cementitious screeds, pymer rich screeds, marine ply, cement boards and certain types of tiles.

Wooden floor must be treated/reinforced before the resin is installed. Timber floors should be minimum 25 mm thick tongue and grooved marine plywood mechanically fixed with counter sunk screws at minimum 10 cm centres. Further actions are taken to reinforce and treat the joints. Only polyurethane resins are recommended on top of wooden floors.

Note! We can minimise the risk of substrate movement whether dynamic or thermal, but cannot guarantee the system will not crack on timber substrates.

We'll slightly abrade the surface and a seal coat is reapplied. Seamless floors look like new after being re-coated.

Acoustic resin flooring is called Comfort Floor. There are special underlay products applied prior the resin being poured. The acoustic resin system is perfect for residential and commercial units.

We offer warranty for our resin flooring finishes.

The warranty period is different for each resin system applied. Please contact us for more information.

Resin floors are seamless and perfectly smooth. This makes them highly hygienic and extremely easy to clean and maintain. In residential houses you can clean the resin in the same way as you would clean any hard floor: with a soft broom or light vacuum, or by mop and bucket with mild detergent diluted in water, then rinse with clean water.

For hard to remove stains, there are special products which are applied once in a while.

The average lead time is 2 - 4 weeks.

The main factors affecting the resin flooring price are floor size, floor plan, resin floor system and design. Considering the specific installation process, we prefer not to quote resin flooring per square meter as this could be very misleading. We prefer to offer a seamless resin flooring price per whole project.  However, the bigger the size of the floor, the cheaper it is per square meter as you save on labour cost when having a bigger project.

As a guide, below are some resin flooring cost estimates for up to 100 m2 poured floors:

  • UniColour Resin floors: £75 - £120/m2. Minimum order value £1,956 ex VAT
  • Concrete Look Resin floors: £95 - £150/ m2
  • Metallic Pigments Epoxy Resin: £75 - £120/ m2
  • 3D Epoxy Flooring: £140 - £400/ m2. Minimum order value £1,945 ex VAT

Resin Flooring Prices for industrial and commercial resin floor projects can vary depending on the resin system required and project size. Prices can start from as little as £18/m2.

For a FREE ESTIMATE go to  Quote request page.

We are happy to send resin flooring samples by post.

For bigger samples, our showroom is opened for visitors 6 days per week.

Contact Us to arrange a visit.

Resin flooring finishes come in a virtually unlimited range of colours. At 3D Royal Floors we mainly work with RAL colour charts.  Check our resin flooring colours HERE. 

Concrete Look resin floors, also called polished concrete resins, come in a wide range of concrete shades.

Choose your Concrete Look resin floor shade HERE.

There is no minimum or maximum resin flooring project size for us. We will apply resin on any floor/wall size.

You can book a site survey by sending an email with your available dates, or by calling on +44 208 286 9377.

The site survey is free of charge. It offers you the opportunity to ask the specialist specific project details, also to see and touch resin samples with various resin floor finishes.

Note! For residential projects and other small projects we can arrange site surveys only after the client has seen the standard price for the required resin system based on the size and plan of your floor.

You can contact us to place an order by email or by calling the office number. The order is considered to be placed once the deposit payment is cleared. Then we can book the start date for the resin installation.

We accept payments by electronic bank transfers, cheque or Paypal. Call us for details.