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With hotels often being judged on their cleanliness and aesthetics resin flooring in hotels has never been so popular. Resin floors are not only visually stunning, but due to their durability are the perfect choice for commercial buildings of all kinds especially hotels, offering many advantages and benefits.

Some of the reasons why resin floors are perfect for hotel environments include the following:


Resin flooring is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, looking stylish, sleek and professional at all times. The seamless style of resin flooring can make look modern and tidy, and really work wonders when looking to transform and enhance hotels. Another reason why resin flooring is great for hotels and hotel reception areas particularly is that clients are able to incorporate their company colours and logos into their resin flooring designs, making them 100% unique and impressive.


Pizzeria resin floor


Resin flooring, especially here at 3D Royal Floors, is available in a vast array of colours, styles and designs including 3D resin flooring options and bespoke resin flooring options. This means that hotels are able to obtain resin flooring which suites their hotels interiors impeccably.

Cleaning and maintenance

Resin flooring, due to the seamless design is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, allowing for hotels to be as sterile and hygienic as possible at all times, which is of course highly attractive to guests. Cleaning and maintenance should be at the top of everyone’s list when looking for hotel flooring.



Resin floors are incredibly strong and scratch resistant meaning that they can stand the test of time. It is incredibly important for hotels to obtain strong and durable floors as they often have to withstand heavy foot traffic and other harsh conditions.

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If you are looking to provide your hotel with a flooring solution that doesn’t only look great but is also easy to look after, we would definitely advise that you browse through our resin portfolio today. Here at 3D Royal Floors we have every corner of resin floors covered, with options perfect for all briefs, needs and requirements.

If you would like professional assistance in choosing the best flooring for your hotel or have any questions, we urge you to get in touch.