2.1. Residential Floors resin flooring London 1 - Plain Colour With Flakes


The Unicolour resin floor sprinkled with matt or glittery flakes create a special decorative resin finish. The flakes can come in a metallic colour and in different shades, like irregular, squared, or rounded. The well-defined and tastefully selected multi-colour flake combinations finely strewn on the plain colour resin floors produce a luxurious finish adding a glamorous effect to any interior.

The Plain Colour with Flakes resin floor can have a gloss, matt, or satin finish. The flakes are strewn onto the wet resin coat giving your floor a very special stone effect, or shiny glittery effect.

Due to the flexible structure, polyurethane-based floors are much less prone to cracking. The sound-insulating effect is beneficial for the acoustics. Reduced noise transfer provides quieter floors, reducing horizontal noise transmission.
Over 190 flake colors are now available for your beautiful resin floors.