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unicolour resin flooring

Residential Floors


The UniColour Resin Floor Systems are made of solid plain colour resins poured at 3 mm nominal. The quiet and light shades form an ideal base to let the rest of your interior shine. On the other side, when you opt for a bolder colour the floor becomes the focal point of the interior.

The Unicolour resin flooring is suitable as an aesthetic, decorative and coloured finish on cement, anhydrite and magnesite bound and marine plywood or fermacell subfloors.

3D Royal Floors poured polyurethane and epoxy resin floors are available in medium to high build finishes with attractive high gloss, satin or matt top coats.

The poured resin floors provide a seamless, impervious surface reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and can greatly increase the overall aesthetics of any interior. High light reflectivity also offers a beautiful mirror effect and leads to a reduced lighting requirements.

Why we are best


  • Weather resistant
  • High UV stability under normal daylight conditions
  • Hygienic floor finish, low dust retention, easy to clean, resilient surface
  • Light reflecting aesthetic floor finish
  • Available in over 150 colors
  • Warm, comfortable feel underfoot
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Seamless
  • Flexible and sound-insulating
  • Gloss, satin or mat surface

unicolour resin steps


Add extra comfort to your resin floor with a Comfort Floor.

The Comfort Resin Floors look as beautiful as the standard Unicolour systems. However, they feel softer, more comfortable and warmer to touch.

The underlay used to create the Comfort Resin Floors is designed to absorb vibration and reduce noise. Once installed the system will result in a seamless flooring finish of between 5 mm to 6 mm.

The Comfort Resin Floor system is designed to offer ease of cleaning and maintenance with a comfortable walking experience and sound deadening features both in the room where the system is laid and adjacent rooms.

Ideal uses for Unicolour Resin Flooring

The Unicolour Resin Floor Systems are widely applied in private houses, especially in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, also in flats, balconies and loggias. It is seamless and very hygienic; therefore our clients prefer the 3D Resin Floors for children bedrooms and play rooms. The resin floors allow reducing the dust level and keeping your child safe and healthy.

The resin floors are also suitable for renovations. Because of their thinness (2 – 3 mm), 3D Royal Floor finishes are often used in renovation projects. Depending on the substrate condition, it is possible to apply to existing floors.

unicolour resin bathroom

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