White Resin Floors
A whiter shade of pale

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White, a colour of purity, associated with doves, driven snow and brides.

White Interiors have connotations of peace, serenity, tranquillity and innocence. Just like black, it works with everything but does not carry the heavy, dark overtones of the colour noir.

The most common flooring solutions for white floors are:

  • White Resin Floors in Plain Colour
  • Concrete Look white resin floor. It is created by the mix of two resin colour, providing a beautiful white shade of resin with a tint of light grey.
  • Pearlescent seamless metallic pigments epoxy floors with a marble effect
  • Micro Cement, also called micro topping, in a white shade.

White finishes can be applied to floors, walls, ceilings, staircases and furniture.

Some interesting facts about white

  • The Greeks wore white robes to sleep in as it was thought to instil restful dreams and a peaceful nights’ sleep
  • The Japanese have six phrases to define whiteness
  • White symbolises mourning in China
  • White has the most commercial shades available of any colour on the spectrum

Interior Design

White floor is endlessly fashionable in interior design, white on the walls to reflect light and create an impression of space. White fabrics, soft furnishings, cushions, linens and textiles, white shouts luxury, opulence, pristine elegance and designer perfection.

White interiors with their high-end image would not necessarily be considered the most practical, this is definitely not the intent so why would you consider white for a resin or micro topping floor?

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White is alright

Floors are often the last part of the room that people consider, working from the ceiling down. But once you have seen a seamless white floor, you will revise your opinions from the ground up.

Seamless white floors in the home

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With its ability to reflect light creating a sense of space and dancing movement, white resin floors create a blank canvas for any interior, modern chic through to classical period.

An elegant setting for dining furniture, white highlights the modern style of glass and chrome with its own unique qualities of illumination and clarity, the perfect backdrop for your interiors but also a centrepiece rather than an afterthought.

Installing a seamless white floor throughout your home underpins the concept of modern, open plan living, removing barriers and creating a continuum of rooms which engenders warmth and intimacy.

White flooring for your business

Showcase your restaurant, gallery, shop or office with a statement seamless white floor. Tough, resistant to wear and long-lasting, install a flooring which combines designer good looks with endless practicality for high footfall.

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Practical and hygienic

With its a hard-wearing finish, seamless resin and micro-cement flooring are durable and robust enough to stand up to the rigours of family life. Easy to clean, a white floor will show any dirt which makes it easier to identify and clean, creating a pristine purity every time you wash it, as sparkling as when it was first installed, hygienic and pure.

Consider white for your home or business, the future’s bright, the future’s white.

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