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Concrete Resin Flooring


Concrete Look resin floors create a special look with cool greys as a base or ‘home-sweet-home’ effect warm cosy colours. Everything is possible when choosing a Concrete Look resin floor finish.

The Concrete Look colour shades are timeless and form a unique palette, suitable for almost any interior.

The Concrete Look Shades are created by mixing two colours during the application of your resin finish. As a result, the floor has a multi-coloured flamed effect like concrete. When creating Concrete Look resin floors, 3D Royal Floors uses resins that feel comfortable and give you a feeling of calm and security. The result is a durable, warm and comfortable floor finish that adds lots of character to your interior.

Why we are best


  • Gloss, satin or matt top coat is available
  • Ideal for modern spaces
  • Light and weather resistant
  • Wide range of designs that will definitely impress anyone with its fashion colors
  • Light and weather resistant
  • High mechanical strength, impact and scratch resistant
  • The decorations are absolutely unique and almost impossible to copy
  • Decreased dust level which enables easier cleaning
  • Very strong; the life time can reach dozens of years
  • Seamless and impermeable to liquids.
    Robust, slip resistant and durable

Concrete Look Resin
Colours Options

We are on the market for a long time and we know that the colors are a huge aspect that’s why we offer a rich number of colors to suit your home or business environment.

We believe that colours help reflect your personality. Let our experienced team help you today

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Concrete Look Resin

Your new floor will feel tender and cosy, it is wear-resistant and resilient and an easy to clean floor. This is why concrete look flooring is a popular flooring in modern spaces – offices, homes, commercial buildings and shops. It gives a clean, minimalist and modern look.

Impermeable to Liquids

3D Royal Floors’ concrete look resin floor is always moisture resistant and impermeable to liquids. This gives you a floor that is easy to maintain and hard-wearing. We offer you concrete resin flooring in virtually every colour and colour combination.


Our product contains ingredients that protect against scratches, thus delivering smooth and durable finishes. This also means it is suitable for outdoor use.

Where Should You Use Poured Concrete Floor?

Poured concrete floors have many benefits, primarily in terms of functionality. Many industrial and commercial settings utilize poured concrete floors because they increase their ability to conduct their day to day operations productively.

concrete look resin living room

Frequently Asked

Because of the durability and resistance of resin concrete, it comes at a cost. Depending on how you view it, concrete look resin floor cost in UK could be a deal-breaker. But you should weigh the benefits of our product then look at the cost.
Yes, a resin concrete resin floor can be repaired using the main types of repairs like epoxy mortars, epoxy repair, and flexible polyurethane repair for movement joints. Once the floor was repaired locally, the whole resin floor would need a refinish to “hide” the patch repair. At 3D Royal Floors, we will offer you technical advice and site survey so that you can decide what’s best for your floor.

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