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concrete look stairs

Concrete Look Resin


Concrete Look resin floors create a special look with cool greys as a base or ‘home-sweet-home’ effect warm cosy colours. Everything is possible when choosing a Concrete Look resin floor finish.

The Concrete Look colour shades are timeless and form a unique palette, suitable for almost any interior.

The Concrete Look Shades are created by mixing two colours during the application of your resin finish. As a result, the floor has a multi-coloured flamed effect like concrete. When creating Concrete Look resin floors, 3D Royal Floors uses resins that feel comfortable and give you a feeling of calm and security. The result is a durable, warm and comfortable floor finish that adds lots of character to your interior.

Why we are best


  • Gloss, satin or matt top coat is available
  • Ideal for modern spaces
  • Light and weather resistant
  • Wide range of designs that will definitely impress anyone with its fashion colors
  • Light and weather resistant
  • High mechanical strength, impact and scratch resistant
  • The decorations are absolutely unique and almost impossible to copy
  • Decreased dust level which enables easier cleaning
  • Very strong; the life time can reach dozens of years
  • Seamless and impermeable to liquids.
    Robust, slip resistant and durable

concrete look living room


When looking for brazen floors that stand whilst reflecting a business or company, commercial resin flooring is always a superior choice and here at 3D Royal Floors we see it our job to ensure that all companies across the UK are able to get commercial resin floors for their premises at the industry’s most competitive prices.


The extensive array of commercial resin floors that we offer is possibly the most versatile and unique available on the flooring market today, with options 100% suitable and appropriate for commercial properties of all kinds. Therefore no matter what your individual demands may be we are certain that we will be able to impress.

concrete look resin living room

concrete look floors


Able to cater for projects of all kinds whilst assisting companies within a wealth of sectors and industries we are able to install a massive array of commercial resin flooring solutions with options suitable for buildings with heavy foot traffic and more.


From non-slip factory flooring to aesthetically pleasing and high-end seamless flooring, no matter what you are looking for we recommend that you browse our gallery today in order to gain an idea of just how spectacular resin flooring looks.

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