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Bathroom Flooring in london

Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Resin Flooring

Create unity in your bathroom with a 3D Royal resin floor. Completely seamless, resistant and low maintenance. Get this best flooring for your bathroom floor that combines proven durability with a stylish appearance. This resin bathroom floor is 100% waterproof, mould-proof, and lime doesn’t stick to it either.

Traditional floor materials may lack aspects like warmth and comfort but with not this flooring option. We can also combine your bathroom resin floor with a smooth microcement wall finish, thus replacing all the tiled sections of your bathroom. Our resin floor offers you a seamless space, warm, pleasant and comfortable.

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Bathroom Flooring Benefits?

  • Waterproof
  • Mould free
  • Seamless
  • Durable
  • Anti slip
  • Comfortable
  • Warm to touch
  • Any colour available
  • Slopes can be created for water to run down the drain
  • Luxury Contemporary Look
  • Beautiful

Resin Bathroom Flooring Alternatives

Resin Bathroom Flooring VS Tiles

No grout so no dirt to be retained.
Resin is mould free.
Resin is warm to touch comparing to tiles which usually feels cold.
When having underfloor heating, resin retains the warmth for longer comparing to tiles.
Bathroom resin floors give a sense of luxury. It is a trending flooring finish.

Resin Bathroom Floors VS Vinyl

Vinyl floors are not very recommended for bathrooms as they may bubble up if you have any water on
the floor. Resin floors are impervious and waterproof. They will last even if you have water all over the
floors. Resin floors are the best option for wet rooms.

Resin Bathroom Flooring VS Laminate

Resin floors are resistant to water, comparing to laminate which will get damage from humidity and water.
Bathrooms are considered to be wet rooms, therefore laminate floors are not the best option for this environment.

Resin Bathroom Floors VS Carpeted

Bathroom floors should be waterproof and easy to dry up. These requirements cannot be met when
having carpet flooring.
Resin bathroom floors will provide a water resistant and easy to maintain solution for wet rooms. Resins
are comfortable, anti slip, warm and mould free.

Resin Flooring Bathroom Cost

The wet room resin flooring cost may be higher comparing to other types of flooring finishes. However, when having the bathroom floor installed at the same time with the rest of the resin flooring throughout the house, the price will be as much as £80 – £120 per square meter.

The cost for the resin floor very much depends on the floor size and the condition of the sub-floor.

The Process Explained

Whether you have a 20 m2 bathroom floor or a 100 m2 resin flooring to be poured, it takes up to 6 days to install a standard resin finish. The bathroom resin floor is installed in layers. Only one layer is poured per day to achieve that perfectly smooth floor finish.

Resin floors should only be laid on stable, durable and free of movements substrates.
Resin Floors are suitable for Walk-in Showers. It can be poured at up to 15 degrees slope to help water run to the drain.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best floor for wet rooms should be waterproof, easy to clean, anti slip, and durable. The resin floors, whether you choose bespoke epoxy coating or comfort polyurethane resin, are the best options, being specially designed to provide the best benefits for wet rooms.
What room floors are those floor finishes resistant to humidity and water, anti slip for safety reasons, resistant to daily traffic, easy to maintain and clean, mould free. Resin floors for wet rooms and microcement are the once meeting all the above benefits. Bathroom resin floors are durable, beautiful and so easy to look after.

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