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Garage Epoxy Flooring

Garage Resin Flooring

Garage Resin Floors

If you are looking to add colour and style to your garage, then the best place to start is with the floor.

Garage resin floor should be functional, easy to maintain, easy to clean, dust-free and mold-free.

We can offer a range of seamless garage resin flooring solutions, based on your needs, in a wide range of colours, thickness and strength.

Before installing a garage floor finish, the substrate should be well prepared, stable, smooth and free of cracks. If the floors need to be repaired/ made smooth, we can undertake the floor preparation works.

On concrete bases, we’ll install 5-50 mm levelling compound reinforced with fibre glass mesh.

For wooden substrates, we need to apply 1-2 layers of cement boards or water-resistant plywood to achieve a stable, free of movements sub-floor.

28CL Looming Dust - Ground Floor

Epoxy garage floor option

All our epoxy garage floor paints are designed for the special purpose of coating floors with high foot traffic and wear and tear. The garage floor epoxy paints are also designed to withstand hot tires, heavy objects, chemical spills, and so on. If you’re looking for the best garage floor epoxy paint, pick one with long-lasting results. We have made this easier for you by designing the absolute best garage floor epoxy UK options for your projects.

Option 1

Concrete Seal Coating is a cost effective way of sealing the dusty concrete. The coating is applied in 2 coats, making your floor dust free and easier to clean. It offers an industrial look, less attractive finish, showing all the small irregularities of your floor. The coating is roller applied, just like floor paint. There may be visible pin holes on the surface, but these will not affect the functionality of the floor. The finish is high gloss and comes in a range of standard colours.

Option 2

Epoxy Coating @ up to 0.5 mm is applied in 3 coats. It is also called High Build Epoxy Coating. This epoxy coating is squeegee and roller applied. It will leave a nice industrial look on the surfaces. It is dust free and easy to clean, with a higher strength comparing to the Concrete Seal Coating.

High Build Epoxy Coating is often applied in public garages and warehouses. It is gloss and becomes matt if slip resistant aggregates are used.

Option 3

Epoxy Coating @ 1-2 mm/ or 2-3 mm is a medium to hard wearing floor finish applied on old and new substrates. It can only be applied on stable sub-floors, like concrete and other cement based surfaces. The floor looks truly luxurious and stylish, with a mirror effect that reflects the lights and the object around.

Garage Flooring Coatings

Epoxy resin garage floors come in a range of colours that can be mixed, or roller applied to
achieve a beautiful bespoke garage floor finish. Bespoke epoxy floors are suitable for luxury
private and public garages, for workshops or retail shops. Bespoke epoxy coating is applied at
2-3 mm nominal thickness. It leaves a smooth gloss surface.

epoxy resin garage floor

28CL Looming Dust - Ground Floor

MMA Flake System for Garage Floors

Our MMA resin coating is a tough and durable product that can last up to twenty years. It is a quick-to- lay acrylic based coating, available in a range of colours, giving a stylish yet perfect look for your garage.

Our MMA resin floor needs a trained professional for installation.
Garage Epoxy Quartz Floors are supplied in a wide range of colours, providing a durable textured finish for your flooring project. It may be supplemented by an epoxy cove to create a seamless finish between floors and walls.

Polyurethane Screed for Garage Floors

PU Screeds provide hygienic, chemical resistant and anti-slip flooring solutions that are hardwearing. The 4 mm PU screed system provides a matt self sealing finish. It is seamless and non dusting. PU screed comes in a standard range of colours.

This is an easy to clean and maintain cost effective floor option, suitable for industrial and commercial use. It is an ideal choice for the most demanding work environments with high levels of hygiene requirements. It comes with high levels of slip resistance and protects your floor against oils, chemicals, and wear.

13EPC Night Club - Epoxy Coating with Glittery Flakes

28CL Looming Dust - Ground Floor

Metallic Epoxy Coating for Garages

3D Royal Floors has created a metallic flooring system design that provides a high performance exotic looking floor. Metallic epoxy flooring offers a decorative and one of a kind garage floor system that will improve the value of your home.

Metallic epoxy floors offer a WOW factor to any garage interior. This decorative epoxy floor is of a medium duty strength, gloss or satin matt, installed at 1-3 mm thickness depending on how controlled you are looking the marble patterns to be. The thicker the metallic system is, the more luxury it looks. At the same time, the more coats are required – the higher the price for metallic floor becomes

Marble effect floors can be installed in a range of colour patterns. This bespoke design floor will always look different on different floors due to the irregular movement of the pigments in the clear epoxy coating.

Garage Flooring Systems Characteristics

Flooring System/


High Build
Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating

Bespoke Epoxy

MMA Flake


Metallic Epoxy


100-150 microns (0.15 mm)

150 – 500 microns (0.5 mm)

– 1-2 mm

– 2-3 mm

2-3 mm

3-4 mm

4 mm

1-3 mm

The thicker it is, the most costly becomes, but the marble effects become more controlled

FeRFA Type/ Strength


Light Duty


Medium Duty


Medium/ Heavy Duty


Medium Duty


Medium/ Heavy Duty

FeRFA 5/7

Heavy Duty Wearing


Medium Duty

Number of Coats

2 coats

3 coats

3 coats – for a smooth high gloss finish

4 coats – for a higher protection or a slip resistant finish

4 coats

5 coats

2 coats

3 coats – budget option. Pin Holes may be visible.

4 coats – the marble patterns are more controlled. High Gloss finish. Susceptible to scratches

5-6 coats – when a satin matt top coat is applied




Gloss or satin


Satin matt


Gloss or satin matt

Garage Flooring Price* £/m2

Based on 50-100 m2

30-40 £/m2

40-50 £/m2

1-2 mm @ 60-70 £/m2

2-3 mm @ 80-90 £/m2

Price does not include a top coat sealer which is optional/ or required for an increased slip resistance

Over 90 £/m2.

Price is subject to the difficulty and time consumed on applying the required epoxy coating design.

90-95 £/m2

65-80 £/m2

70-110 £/m2, based on required floor thickness

Installation time** (not including floor preparation)

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

2-3 days

2 days

3-6 days

  • *Price per project is based on the floor size. The bigger the floor, the cheaper it is per square meter.
  • **Installation times may vary based on the floor size and floor plan.
  • *** Prices are excluding the VAT.
  • ****All prices are approximate and based on a good quality substrate. Arrange a site survey to receive a quote for your project.

Frequently Asked

The cost ranges from £30 to £110 per sq metre, subject to the floor size and substrate condition. Scroll
down on this page for a detailed table with various pricings.
Use a microfiber mop and a cleaning solution. Clean your garage once every 3 or 4 months.
Depending on the traffic, the most popular floor finish is the 2 mm self leveling epoxy coating applied in 3 coats. You may leave it gloss, or a satin epoxy topcoat can be applied.

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