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Kitchen Flooring in UK

Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen Floors

With hotels often being judged on their cleanliness and aesthetics resin flooring in hotels has never been so popular. Resin floors are not only visually stunning, but due to their durability are the perfect choice for commercial buildings of all kinds especially hotels, offering many advantages and benefits.

Some of the reasons why resin floors are perfect for hotel environments include the following:

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Fantastic Kitchen Floor Benefits

  • Stylish and Practical
  • Easy to maintain
  • Seamless Flooring
  • Comfortable
  • Resistant to High Traffic
  • Waterproof
  • Wide range of colours and designs
  • Hygienic floor
  • Compatible with Underfloor Heating
  • Contemporary Look
  • Matt, Gloss or Sati Finish
  • Impact and Scratch Resistant
  • Child friendly flooring
  • Robust, slip resistant and durable
  • Decreased dust level which enables easier cleaning
  • Can be installed directly on top of tiles, or other hard surfaces
  • Resistant to sun light

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Resin Flooring Kitchen Cost

In you are wondering how much does it cost to replace a kitchen floor, you have the answer below.
Resin flooring kitchen cost can vary between £90 and £150 per square metre.

Providing an exact price per square metre may be misleading.

This is due to some factors, like the substrate condition, floor size and the epoxy kitchen floor design.

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Epoxy Kitchen Floor

3D Royal’s epoxy kitchen flooring solutions are antimicrobial and can withstand industrial strength cleaners often used in high-volume. You don’t have to spend excessive time and money trying to keep unsanitary floors clean. Our epoxy flooring finishes furnish a homogenous surface with no grout lines.

Don’t let the beautiful finish fool you – this floor is tough. If yours is a commercial kitchen, you don’t have to worry about durability as commercial kitchen resin floors can resist heat up to 500 degrees, 5X stronger than concrete. It is also shock-resistant, meaning you can drop something heavy on it without breaking.

Epoxy kitchen floor cost will depend on the size of the floor, topcoat selection, whether you need a waterproofing and moisture tolerant primer and the current state of the slab.

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