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Microcement & Resin flooring in London

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3D Royal Floors
3D Royal Floors
3D Royal Floors
3D Royal Floors

A Floor That Goes WOW!

Micro Cement Floors and Walls

The industrial look is so on trend at the moment. On FLOORS, WALLS OR FURNITURE – complement your urban chic interiors with a micro-topping as an alternative to traditional coverings. For home or office, Micro Cement offers a versatile and easily installed finish in different textures and colours to provide either statement or backdrop for your design theme. With a competitive price tag and hard wearing reputation, discover this latest revolution in interior design.

Whatever your design, everything works with white.

Micro Cement Floors and Walls

Marble Effect Epoxy Floors

The ultimate in luxury, marble effect epoxy floors offer a seamless marble floors solution to homes and business premises. Providing statement designer chic with different finishes available, metallic pigments epoxy floors create a high-end perfectly finished interior that nevertheless offers both functionality and longevity.

Whatever your design, everything works with white.

Marble Effect Epoxy Floors

White Resin Floors

White is a neutral colour, endlessly popular to showcase interior settings. What makes white so effective is that it actually features myriad reflected colours within it, not visible to the naked eye. Perhaps that’s why it is such a vibrant and living colour for your floor.

White is timeless and elegant yet modern and pure, both a classic and contemporary colour.

White Resin Floors







About US



3D Royal Floors is the only company in the UK which provide 3D Resin Flooring Solution. We intend to proffer you with a distinct route in designing your interior, present novel ways of laying resin floors, be it 3D flooring, with drawings, colored or glossy self-leveling floors. Our professional team follows architectural tendencies from around the world and will individually create a suitable floor and color for you.

We are the specialist industrial flooring contractor in London who undertake effective floor preparation coating, leveling, decorative floor finishes, and other commercial flooring skills such as line marking and repairs.

  • Hygiene and Maintenance Friendly
  • Anti Slip
  • Toughness
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Safety

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Microcement and resin floor systems

Residential Floors

Our resin and microcement based coating provide a premium finishing suitable for various surfaces. During the application of resin floors in residential places, a thickness of 2-3mm is maintained. With professional installation, the surface becomes highly resistant to abrasion, a quality that’s attractive for the residential market. You can perfectly match colours and tones from our supplied samples.

The systems we use at 3D Royal Floors are intense in tone and texture, and very durable. Consider installing domestic resin flooring for a more luxurious look of your surfaces.

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Microcement and resin floor systems

Commercial Floors

Our microcement and resin floor systems are also the best matches for both retail and commercial surfaces. Create a smooth, seamless finish for your business premises and be assured of a hard-wearing surface that requires minimal on-going maintenance.

The process of installing microcement and resin floors on retail premised is fast, simple, and highly effective. We strive to ensure that we don’t cause any disruption to trade. Ideal spaces to install the microcement finishing include office spaces, commercial kitchens, bars and restaurants, beauty spas, and galleries.

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Microcement and resin floor systems

Industrial Floors

While we love the residential and commercial look, they are not the only services we offer. Our microcement flooring options are available in a wide range of textures that can give a luxurious look to industrial spaces. The finishing comes without joints or grout lines.

Our industrial flooring solutions are applied seamlessly at 0.5-8 mm across multiple surfaces like tiles, cement boards and other cement based substrates. Whether the idea is to have one continuous floor or to integrate steps or walls, we hold the solution to seamlessly integrated floors.

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3D Epoxy Floor

The 3D technology is becoming a favourite in many quarters, and as flooring experts, we’ve not been left behind. 3D Epoxy flooring is used in halls, homes, offices, and apartments because it provides a luxurious finish, high performance and a window of creativity.

The process of installation involves laying down a layer of primer followed by the desired image. Next, it is treated with a two-component epoxy or polyurethane for the desired image depth. The application of a protective coat of varnish is the final step.

3D Mettalic Pigments

For a bespoke look to your floors, you can opt for metallic pigments epoxy flooring. These are exciting and seamless flooring systems that provide an exceptional three-dimensional finish with suspended reflective pigments reminding the formation of the natural marble.

At 3D Royal Floors, we offer vast options of metallic pigments that can combine with hundreds of colours. We will help you create elegantly stylish floors that match your personal style. The metallic epoxy coatings are exotic-looking and are hard to replicate even with the most intricate stone or marble designs. They can also be applied on furniture.

Concrete Look

You can convert your existing floor into a concrete look seamless flooring using the resin flooring fusion technology. The Concrete Look effect is achieve by mixing 2 colours of resin during the application. This type of finishing became popular when factories started transforming their spaces into modern lofts by installing the resin floor.

With time, fashion and sports brands have been using it to cover their stores. Some of the coveted qualities of the concrete look are excellent durability and extreme resistance to high traffic. Today, resin flooring for homes with a concrete look is standard as it allows for the creation of seamless surfaces.


When looking for the residential resin flooring services in London, look for professional providers with a variety of colours available. At 3D, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to colour variety.

Colours have a lot to do with personality, and that’s why we stock a wide range of hues to match our clients’ diverse tastes and styles.

Why Choose US?

Never before has the demand for personalized flooring been so high. At 3D Royal Floors, we understand the need for meeting clients at their point of need. We will assist you with making the right decision on resin flooring for kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, and even commercial flooring.

Installing beautiful and seamless microcement floors is our passion. We are professionals at what we do and have been in the industry for many years. All our team is trained in the installation of microcement and resin floors, and you could never go wrong with us. When you think of the best resin flooring London residents love, think of 3D Royal Floors.

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  • Minimal need for maintenance
  • A surface that’s well protected from stains, moisture, and wear
  • Long-lasting surface that requires no repair for 10-20 years*
  • VOC-free flooring system
  • High gloss surface with dramatically increased brightness
  • A surface that withstands high traffic and heavy loads
  • Strong surfaces able to withstand harsh industrial conditions
  • A seamless USDA approved surface that doesn’t hide pathogens

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