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Microcement Flooring

What is a MicroCement?

MicroCement is a seamless cement topping designed to achieve in record time a polished concrete look surface finish.

A MicroCement floor gives the crisp look and feel of solid concrete but with a depth of only 2.5-3 millimetres and it looks fabulous on walls too.

Micro suggests how thin this finish can be laid and Cement means that it is made on cementitious products.

If you are looking for an alternative to wallpaper, paint and tiling in your home, then why not consider MicroCement as a continuous seamless finish for your floors, walls and furniture.

At 3D Royal Floors, we are experts at giving your surfaces a polished concrete look in record time. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a range of versatile textured finishes in either satin, matt or gloss.

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Why choose MicroCement?

  • Seamless Finish
  • Durable
  • Wide Range of Colours, Textures
    and Finishes
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Extremely Hygienic
  • Highly Versatile
  • Luxury
  • Contemporary Look
  • Cost Effective
  • Resistant to Water
  • Easy to Clean
  • Applied on Floors,Walls
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Ideal for Homes and Work Spaces
  • Compatible with Underfloor
  • Heating

Colours Options

One thing that makes the Microcement flawless floor and wall finish outstanding is the variety of colours and textures it provides. Whether you are a lover of vibrant colours or prefer laidback tones, there’s an assortment of colours to choose from at 3D Royal Floors.

Our Microcement finishes can virtually match any RAL and NCS colour and can be fully customised to suit any interior.

We believe that colours help reflect your personality besides creating an urban chic finish to homes and busnisses. Let our experienced Microcement London team help you choose from the wide range of hues available for your flooring project.

Variety of Microcement Textures

Microcement comes in a variety of textures depending on the materials used. At 3D Royal Floors, we offer five types textures depending on design requirements.

The Microcement Base is best for a rustic and irregular texture.

Microcement Medium provides a slip-resistant feel, while the Microcement Extreme is best for heavy traffic areas.

For residential projects we provide the best Fine Microcement UK for smooth flawless floors and walls to provide a real touch of elegance for your interior.

Get a unique microcement look with our Metallic Microcement finish. It can be installed on its own on walls or furniture, or it can be applied in combination with standard microcement floor or wall finish to create a bespoke design.

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Microcement Finishes

Clients who have ordered Microcement can attest to the fact that it creates an impervious seamless finish on floors and walls. Equally, it can be used to create a rustic and artisan feel while maintaining a vintage styling and decoration. For the best results, ensure that only specialists do the Microcement installation.

A seamless finish allows you to use other decorations and materials without hitches. Talk to us today to schedule a free consultation with one of the best Microcement professionals UK residents love.

Gloss Finish

Gloss Finish

Satin Finish

Satin Finish

Matt Finish

Matt Finish

Microcement Benefits

The lack of seams and joints means that MicroCement works well from room to room creating a flawless continuum of colour. Equally, in a period home, MicroCement can be used to create a rustic and artisan feel in warm, terracotta colours with a distressed and textured finish producing an aged effect in keeping with vintage styling and decoration.

The totally seamless finish creates an almost millpond effect that really draws the eye in a large space and can showcase furniture or commercial fittings to maximum effect. It has the look of polished concrete without the disruption and the price tag.

A seamless finish on floors and walls means that MicroCement can be easily mixed in with other decoration and materials and it looks really stunning when applied in combination with a resin flooring.


MicroCement offers a really great alternative to tiling in a wet room or bathroom. It is very resistant to water and by using different types of patterning and texture on the finish, it is possible to create a tactile and really different finish from living room to kitchen and bathroom. Without the numerous joints and ridges of a tiled surface, cleaning and hygiene are so simply managed.

Easy to Maintain

Whatever type of MicroCement floor you opt for, it is so easy to keep clean making it the perfect choice for busy areas in either the home or a commercial premises where hygiene is premium and concrete flooring is the option of choice. It always looks good with the minimum of effort and is particularly resistant to scuffing, scratching and abrasion.

Durable & Scratch

MicroCement is also endlessly durable concrete look seamless flooring finish and its longevity represents great value for money.

Compatible with
Underfloor Heating

Micro cement topping is perfectly suitable to be applied on top of underfloor heating as well.

Where should you use microcement?


MicroCement offers a really great alternative to tiling in a wet room or bathroom. It has a high resistance to water and by using different types of patterning and texture on the finish, it is possible to create a tactile and really different finish for a bathroom or shower room.

Without the numerous joints and ridges of a tiled surface, cleaning and hygiene are so simply managed. Microcement can be applied on floors and walls to achieve a continuous finish.


Microcement finishing is ideal for kitchen spaces because it’s easy to clean and maintain hygiene.

Microcement suppliers will confirm that the finish is more durable than other types of finishes commonly used for kitchens.


When used for walls, Microcement doesn’t require any complicated works. Whether you use it for indoor or outdoor walls, the versatility it offers can’t be compared to other types of finishes.

The Microcementing trend is becoming popular both for residential and industrial walls. With the aid of professionals like 3D Royal Floors, the result is highly aesthetic walls.


If you are bored of having the same type of furniture finishing in living rooms, bathrooms or kitchen units then having a microcement topping would really enhance and give live to your interior.

You can now match your furniture finish with your floor or your wall coverage. Microcement on furniture is durable and easy to maintain and clean.

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Frequently Asked

MicroCement is the ultimate in decorative wall and floor coverings. It has a real style cachet offering numerous concrete effect design alternatives in both domestic and commercial premises. Take a look at our portfolio for a little inspiration for your project, or check our bespoke micro cement colour shades..

Microcement withstands intense traffic, it is slip and scratch resistant. Since it has no joints, it’s also effortless to clean and maintain.
The aesthetic look of Microcement after it has been installed resembles polished cement but is not the same. Unless the standard polished concrete, Microcement can be installed in virtually any colour shade.
Microcement can be installed on most stable and free of movement
substrate. It will not crack unless caused by movements in the sub floor or excess tensile forces.

However, the product has a degree flexibility which makes it ideal for home flooring and walls.

The full curing period for the micro cement is 1 month. Lightfoot traffic is allowed within 2 days, once the top coat is cured. Within the curing period no liquids are allowed on the floor.
Daily maintenance

Maintenance is similar to other hard floors, like a wooden or vinyl floor. Use neutral soap for cleaning the microcement finish. The soap should not be left on the surface for too long. It should be removed from the surface with a clean damp cloth. It is advisable to avoid permanent flooding and prolonged contact with moisture. You must therefore avoid wet carpets and towels on the floor or e.g. flower pots that spill water. Keep the surface free of stone or sand, which can leave scratches. Excess of grid and dust will scratch the surface. A doormat is advised to be used. Never use harsh detergents or descalers. Alkaline products such as ammonia, chlorine, bleach, the detergent will damage the protective top coat layer of the Microcement.

Microcement flooring price will vary based on the size of the floor, substrate condition, floor plan, colour, or additional design features. The price is offered per project only. Offering a price per square meter would be very misleading.
As an indication, the standard grey shade installed on a good substrate will reach a microcement cost per square meter of £90 – £95 plus VAT; flooring price being subject to a minimum size of 100 m2.

Smaller flooring areas will increase the flooring cost per square meter. Once the cement microtopping is applied you get in record time a beautiful Matt or Gloss polished concrete look flooring

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