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3D-metallic flooring kitchen



We recently revamped this beautiful Birmingham home, providing its entire interior with high quality comfort resin flooring.

This particular resin flooring doesn’t just look stylish and fabulous but also provides extra comfort and cosiness to homes.

pearl mettalic flooring


Comfort resin flooring takes in the temperature of the room making it one of the best poured resin flooring choices for those that don’t like cold toes. And this isn’t the only benefit in which the flooring solution offers either. Comfort resin flooring is incredibly easy to clean and maintain making it a very hygienic flooring choice. It is also waterproof, suitable for use with underfloor heating and made from plant oils, making it perfect for children and pets.


Our comfort resin flooring collection boasts resin flooring in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing us to cater for absolutely everyone looking for resin floors. If you are looking for comfortable and attractive resin floors like these, do not hesitate to browse our collections today.

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