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flooring in an apartment



Renovating the flooring of this swanky London apartment using our high quality 3D epoxy resin flooring was definitely exciting.

It isn’t every day that we get to create different 3D designs in each room of an apartment, and the look created is definitely unique and eye-catching, exactly what the client asked for.


Fun and Unique

Using a range of striking 3D designs including but not limited to a beach landscape, funky flowers and playful dolphins, our expert team installed modern resin in every room of this London apartment, impressing at every stage. The client was overwhelmed with excitement upon seeing the results, with each room now being completely fun and unique.

Suitable for All

Here at 3D Royal floors we offer a huge selection of 3D resin flooring designs, with options suitable for all needs and requirements. These resin floors are not only popular for residential use but also commercial applications, with many offices and business spaces choosing 3D resin floors to enhance their environments.

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