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3D Royal Floors Services

Commercial resin floors

Bespoke Commercial Resin Flooring Solutions

Nothing can decorate your home better then a beautiful seamless wall finish. At 3D Royal Floors we are delighted to help you choose between having a bold 3D Wallpaper, contemporary textured Microcement or a smooth resin Wall Coating.

28CL Looming Dust - Ground Floor

3D Mural

The 3D Murals come in a wide range of designs, all of them designed to add a unique special effect to your interior. The glamorous 3D designs leap off the walls or penetrate the wall opening the doors to a new fascinating imaginary world. Weather you choose a monochrome or you go for a multicolour design, the 3D Wallpaper will completely transform your home interior. The 3D Mural comes in a selection of standard wallpaper finish, or sealed with a protection resin coat. The Standard 3D Wallpaper offers a range of four different textures to suit every interior. It is suitable for dry rooms, like living room, hallway, or in commercial premises like retail, offices, receptions and others. The 3D Resin Wall Finish is covered with a protection layer of resin, making it suitable for wet rooms as well. The top coat resin leaves a slightly textured scratch resistant finish making it a perfect choice for both, residential and commercial premises.

Micro Plus Microcement Wall Finish

Add a contemporary look to your interior with our unique Micro Plus Wall Finish. The Micro Plus is a polymer modified microcement system specially designed to create a completely seamless impervious wall covering. Now it’s time to replace your tiles with our highly hygienic Micro Plus finish. There are no joints – so no more grout lines for mould to grow in. The Micro Plus Microcement is ideal almost for any residential and commercial environments. It will give your home interior a very modern and contemporary polished concrete look. The Micro Plus microcement wall finish comes in a range of standard colours which can be added in different concentrations creating different shades to match our clients interior design requirements.

13EPC Night Club - Epoxy Coating with Glittery Flakes

28CL Looming Dust - Ground Floor

Resin Wall Coating and Traditional Decorating

Decorating your home became easier than ever. The plain colour wall finishes are mainly applied when the wall becomes a base for the rest of the home decor. The resin wall coating is ideal for wet rooms, exteriors and for commercial spaces. It comes in a wide range of colours to suit every interior. We help our clients at all stages of interior transformation, from quality initial advice to extended workmanship and products warranties. 3D Royal Floors specialists will help you choose the right colour or product for your project. Be it a resin wall coating or a traditional decorating, we offer perfect finishes which makes your home look truly luxurious.

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