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17B Retail Shop | Black Matt Seamless Floor

Transform your shop flooring with a truly unique option by introducing a stunning 3D resin floor. Here at 3D Royal Floors we boast a huge selection of seamless poured resin floors that are perfect for shops and stores, all of which are available in a vast range of styles, colours and finishes, allowing for all companies to get a fabulous modern look that will set them apart from other outlets.

Resin flooring is possibly the most suitable and versatile flooring solutions for shops – boasting many advantages and benefits. Just some of the reasons why you may want to consider epoxy resin flooring for your retail premises include:

Ease of maintenance and easy to clean

Resin flooring and especially epoxy coated resin flooring is a brilliant choice for shops and retail environments due to how easy it is to clean and care for. With high numbers of people walking on the floor on a daily basis it is important to choose a flooring solution that it easy to clean and the seamlessness of resin flooring makes it an incredibly practical solution. Resin flooring simply requires mopping in order to stay looking great and also is more hygienic than other flooring choices.


Highly durable

Retail flooring has to be durable and luckily for all resin flooring is possibly the most durable around. Retail environments are walked upon day in, day out and also are subjected to pram traffic, the dropping of items and more. Resin flooring is tough and strong and can withstand a lot. It is hard wearing, scratch resistant and can last for years whilst requiring next to no maintenance.

Quick and easy installation

Resin flooring is quick and easy to install making it perfect for retail outlets and all other commercial premises as it doesn’t take long to lay resulting in minimum business downtime. Depending on the resin finish you choose, the installation may take 2 to 5 days, whether your floor is 200 or 500 square metres in size.

Aesthetically pleasing

Resin flooring looks attractive and professional and really can work to make shops of all kinds look fabulous. When it comes to retail outlets, flooring is much more important than many think! Not only do all our options look stunningly amazing, but when it comes to resin flooring people can even create their own unique designs using colours from their logos and more. Whatever design you’re looking to create, we are sure that we have a solution available for your needs.

Get in touch

These are of course only some of the reasons why resin flooring is perfect for retail premises too. Luckily for all here at 3D Royal Floors we have one of the greatest collections for you to choose from – If you are looking for poured resin flooring for your store, don’t hesitate to browse our website today.

Alternatively, if you have any questions that you would like to ask or you would like our assistance in choosing the best resin flooring for your premises, simply get in touch today. Our team are waiting to help you.