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Wondering whether to have a wooden floor, a vinyl, or a spectacular seamless floor in microcement or resin?


Which colour should you choose for your home flooring?

Whether you are having a wooden floor, a vinyl, or a spectacular seamless floor in microcement or resin, you’ll always end up with same question:

Which floor colour should we go for?


Floors are the MOST USED PART of our interior. We walk on them, wash them often, drop things on the floor, sit on floors and even lay on the floor when watching the preferred TV show.

Choosing the right floor colour is as important as choosing the right type of floor.

When it comes to choosing the type of floors, we get Architects involved to help. But when it comes to colours, it’s best to discuss with Interior Designers. If you don’t want a designer to get involved in choosing the floor colour, then we are here to help.

There are hundreds of floor colours to choose from, so if you struggle to choose the perfect colour, don’t get confused by the endless possibilities. At 3D Royal Floors, we’ll offer you some tips on how to choose the perfect colour for your home.


The size of your room is so much important when choosing the colour of the floor.

The light floor colour will visually widen your room. So, if your room is smaller and you prefer it to look and feel bigger, always go for lighter or natural colours. In 2019, the MOST POPULAR light shades for seamless floors were light grey, ivory, white, and in Concrete Look Shades it’s the Looming Dust, ivory and light grey that are leading.

If you are one of those happy people, having a wide house with big rooms, and open plan spaces, then you might want to consider the warm or dark tones. The most POPULAR DARK SHADES are Concrete Grey and Slate Grey microcement, also called polished concrete.

Floor colours

The MicroCement floor finish has become a trend in the interior design industry due to its high versatility, unlimited range of colours, and contemporary industrial look.

Microcement seamless flooring


Whether you are looking to keep your floor as a background to the rest of the furniture, or you would like the floor to stand out in bold colours, choosing the colour of the floor, will make a big difference to your home’s atmosphere.

The quiet and light shades form an ideal base to let the rest of your interior shine. On the other side, when you opt for a bolder colour the floor becomes the focal point of the interior.

The most popular light shades are ivory, beige and light grey.
On another hand, the truly bold floors are 3D Epoxy Floors and Metallic Epoxy Floors. These floors will shade your other interior elements with their bright 3 dimensional designs.

A neutral type of floor, being with character, but at the same time so much in trend, is the concrete look finish, being available on the market as a poured resin floor, or as a microcement floor.

If you prefer other colours for your floor, here are some more suggestions:

  • Shades of Yellow stand for optimism and fun.

  • White and Light Beige will give the room a sense of purity and openness. View more information on our white floors.

  • Grey shades are ever timeless, offering a cool and peacefull athmosphere.

  • The tones of Brown will offer your interior a natural and rustic atmosphere.

  • Black colour stands for luxury and prestige.

  • The combination of White & Black confers the room a powerful and dramatic edge, full of contrast.


Never choose your floor colour based on an empty room. The floor colour should blend with the rest of your furniture, to create that whole room interior. If you already have some fancy furniture in mind, then the floor in lighter or natural colours will create a nice canvas to let your furniture shine.

The light grey floors will go with most types of furniture.

If it gets difficult to visualise your interior, try to get samples of elements from that room where the floor is replaced. Get a door from your furniture, a cushion or a throw in prefered colours, and a bit of paint on the walls. This will help you get a better floor-furniture colour match.

Floor colour solutions
light grey epoxy floor


When choosing the seamless floor colour based on provided samples, make sure that the samples are brought to the room once the original room lights are in place. If the lighting type varies from room to room, the same will happen to the shades of your floor colour. The seamless floor shade looks lighter in rooms with bright cold lighting, comparing to rooms with warm type of lights.

Another factor to consider when choosing the floor colour is the available sunlight. The bigger the windows in your room, the more day light will penetrate your home. In this case, the colour should be chosen during the day light, which will be the main source of the light.


As mentioned above, floors are the most explored part of your home. You’ll be walking on your floor all day long, while moving from kitchen to living room, or from dining room to your bedroom and bathroom.

We love beautiful floors, but we also need them to be functional. The floor colour plays an important role in the “functionality” of your floor.

If you are looking for a floor that “hides” the dirt, and by dirt I mean the dust, shoe marks or little things that falling from our clothes during the full day of usage, then the best option is the floor installed in more than one colour. A good solution are seamless floor applied in fusion colours. These are microcement and concrete look resin floors. The fusion colours come in any shade, light or dark, which should not compromise the choice of room atmosphere you prefer.

Seamless flooring available in any colour


For more support on how to choose your floor finish, or if you need samples, please feel free to contact our London office.


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