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3D Royal Floors is the only company in the UK which provide 3D Resin Flooring Solution. We intend to proffer you with a distinct route in designing your interior, present novel ways of laying resin floors, be it 3D flooring, with drawings, colored or glossy self-leveling floors. Our professional team follows architectural tendencies from around the world and will individually create a suitable floor and color for you. We are the specialist industrial flooring contractor in London who undertake effective floor preparation coating, leveling, decorative floor finishes, and other commercial flooring skills such as line marking and repairs.

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Resin Flooring Solutions

The first step in basic application involves placing a primer coat that prepares the surface and provides a base for the resin to adheer. After the self-leveling coat and any added flakes have set, we top the floor application with a top coat to seal it.

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